Infrastructure IT Consulting

Swimming pool design

15 April 2021

  • Customer
  • The client is an international leader in the swimming pool sector.

    With 50 years of history and an all-round service coverage, the company continually invests in the research of advanced and reliable technologies.

  • Needs
  • The customer needed to create a new operational office in Lombardy (Northern Italy), in which to relocate the employees’ workstations and one of the existing server rooms.

    The space to host the new server room and all IT systems had already been identified by the customer and consisted of an extremely small space.

    Moreover, the customer compiled the following statement of work for the new data center:

    • adequate cooling and air circulation system to prevent overheating in the rear part of the racks;
    • a fire prevention system;
    • a shutdown system to prevent the accumulation of dust and pressure differences that could harm the functioning of servers, switches, etc.
  • Solution
  • Based on the customer’s requests, we conducted a functional assessment of the systems, supported the IT manager, the designer and the various internal and external stakeholders involved, providing appropriate guidelines from an IT perspective.

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