Cybersecurity design

Reduce threats to your IT system and manage risks related to the human factor

In recent years, several phenomena and events have impacted corporate cyber risk management:

  • The proliferation of digital technologies and their increasing adoption by small and medium-sized enterprises has generated an extension of the attack surface;
  • The advent of the pandemic has disrupted work methods, making the user a weak point – even more than in the past – to be exploited to access corporate resources;
  • Actors along the supply chain are increasingly interconnected and it is easier for an attacker to access a company’s network through an attack on its third parties. Cyber risk is no longer just a threat to the IT systems of the affected company, but a danger that can impact investors, business partners and suppliers, employees and customers.
  • Growing geopolitical tensions are increasing risk factors for large companies, public administrations and also for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • IT threats have increased, with a rise in the frequency and types of attacks used.
  • Cyber threats are targeting new targets.

Due to its heterogeneous and complex nature, and in a constantly evolving context, cybersecurity must be managed with a holistic approach – aiming at both prevention and system recovery – and multi-layered, with an “always and everywhere” model.

Therefore, acting on:

  • detection of anomalous behavior
  • perimeter security
  • workstation and proximity device security
  • human dimension: in terms of awareness, training and virtuous best practices

What can we do for you?

What is your security posture?

With our assessment and cybersecurity design service, we can help you identify and reduce the attack surface, defend your know-how and protect the productivity of your company.

The vulnerability assessment service includes:

  • Identification of the technology physical perimeter
  • Snapshot of the entire IT system
  • Search for potential attackers’ access points: email, endpoints, Wi-Fi, credential management, identity
  • Inventory, analysis and quantification of the impact related to vulnerabilities

Design and implementation of a remediation plan to increase corporate cyber resilience.

User training on risks and threats

Managing the risks and vulnerabilities of the company’s IT system is one side of the coin.

The other fundamental one is working on the human factor.

Threats do not only focus on system vulnerabilities but often target users, tricking them into disclosing sensitive information, downloading ransomware, or other malware.

Consequently, every employee should be aware of what corporate security means and contribute to protecting it:

  • old and new threats: what they are and how they present themselves
  • current trends in cybercrime
  • security best practices to defend yourself in the best possible way.

With this goal in mind, we are ready to provide your employees with laser-focused training sessions on corporate cybersecurity culture.


What benefits you will get:

  • reduction of the attack surface
  • collaborative protection of corporate IT security, increasing the awareness of your employees
  • increased corporate cyber resilience

The technologies we are experts in

We have a wide portfolio of partnerships and technologies that we constantly update and certify, allowing us to identify the best solutions that meet your needs.


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