IT Consulting

We design tailor-made projects for your business, flanking you in all phases

Are you tackling a technological change?

  • Your group has just acquired an Italian company and you need to bring its IT to an international standard
  • You are opening a new office location in Italy
  • You need to raise your security defenses and have an accurate picture of the IT infrastructure in your Italian locations

You can count on us.
We have the toolkit, methodology, skills and experience to guide you along this journey. Consider us as your Trusted IT Partner.

Our IT advisory services support you in all phases of change:

  • IT Assessment: with site surveys, automatic data collection tools, interviews and documentation collection;
  • Analysis of your current situation: your objectives, needs and the data collected during the IT Assessment;
  • Design: sizing and selection of hardware and software technological solutions for purchase, rental or as-a-service;
  • Implementation: we plan the roadmap accordingly to your needs and availability, carrying out our work to perfection and testing the functioning of the implemented systems;
  • Post-installation support and training: after any change, especially when it has to do with tools that your resources will use in their daily lives, it is always good to provide moments of targeted training, so that the new tools’ potential is exploited to the utmost.

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