Co-managed IT Services

Let’s team up. If you let us, we’ll do great things together

Managing IT of a SME is a superhuman task

We know how difficult it is to build something extraordinary without enough time, resources, or support (we’ve been there too).
It’s humanly impossible to be an expert in the vast field of Information Technology.
Moreover, the risk of getting stuck in a constant reactive mode – which does not generate added value for your company – is really high.

IT Challanges for SMEs

Nonstop pressure and irreplaceability

Have you ever thought you couldn't go on vacation (or lunch break) because no one can back you up? When the IT team is too small, the pressure is constant and leads to burnout.
Constant juggling

A SME needs dozens of IT tools to function. To make this possible, the IT department needs time to evaluate tools, time to learn how they work, time to keep them healthy and time to support colleagues in their daily use.
Width of the situational window

Those extraordinary periods when you need additional hands and minds.
IT Specialization

For some activities, operational skills are not enough. Advanced skills are needed.
Keeping pace

It's important to know what's happening in the IT world: our industry completely reinvents itself within 5 years. This means you'll have to constantly update your skills or you'll be stuck in a technologically stagnant company.
Need to allocate greater resources to IT

The tools needed to enable work and the skills required to manage and maintain those tools involve increasing financial resources and a more frequent renovation frequency.

What are co-managed IT services?

Co-managed services are an IT support model based on collaboration. The collaboration between a Managed Service Provider (us) and the internal IT team of a SME (you).

We have the technological tools and resources to put at your disposal.
You know the goals of your company, the users, and the business it operates in.

We speak the same language. We just need to get on the same page to manage, maintain and improve your company’s IT operations.

Types of co-managed IT services


Your IT team:
manages users and workstations.

manages infrastructure and servers.


Your IT team:
manages infrastructure and servers.

manages users and workstations.


Your IT team:
fully manages tools, devices, users and infrastructure.

provides the toolkit and escalation management towards vendors.

Is it a model suitable for everyone?

Co-managed IT services are NOT a one-size-fits-all model.

There are prerequisites, which depend neither on the size of the company nor on its turnover.
It “only” takes the will to create a real integration between two teams, a long-term relationship, a relationship of openness and mutual trust and commitment from both parties.

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