Centralize local IT management

Maintain control and respect corporate guidelines, by having us as your extension in Italy

Governing IT at a multinational level – in a secure and homogeneous way – and managing it locally in every single country and branch is not a simple task.

Do any of these management issues sound familiar?

  • your HQ IT team is awesome, but they cannot support user requests from all countries
  • language barriers can make things tricky between your Italian resources and the central IT team
  • for some IT issues, glitches or emergencies, having boots on the ground is still necessary
  • keeping local inventory and documentation up-to-date can be difficult
  • when you’re rolling out new IT projects or tech upgrades involving Italy, you need extra hands and eyes to make sure everything goes smoothly
Looking for a more reliable solution than an on-demand IT provider in Italy?

Explore our IT Local managed suites

Local Managed Suite Light
✔ Local IT Service Management
  • Local IT operation management
  • Use of your ticketing and documentation systems
  • Local asset management
  • Scheduled onsite maintenance
  • Local advisory
  • Activity reporting
Local Managed Suite Full
✔ Local IT Service Management
  • Local IT operation management
  • Use of Techlane’s ticketing system, client portal and documentation system
  • Local ticket, asset and documentation management
  • Scheduled onsite maintenance
  • Local advisory
  • Activity reporting
  • Service review

Why choose us as your local trusted partner


our suites can be tailored to your specific needs and the international guidelines defined within your organization.


we understand the needs of multinational companies and we speak your language.

Rapid onboarding and deployment

our processes are well-established. This allows us to be fast and effective in the start-up phase.

What our customers say

Enrico G.

Managing Director

Careful listening to our needs and accurate implementation

Maurizio D.


TechLane shaped our IT infrastructure to make it sound and reliable

Abele B.


TechLane has helped our company grow, implementing our communication systems and managing our daily IT needs

Gianni C.


Great speed and 360 degrees design

Ilaria R.

EU Project Office Director

A reliable one-stop partner. They always propose more than one option and constantly offer advisory for improvement

To compare plans in detail and customize the service for your organization, contact our sales team.

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