Our goal, your success

Choose us as your trusted IT Partner

Choose us as your Trusted IT Partner

Do it because we are experts in IT services and offer our skills and tools to small and medium-sized businesses and Italian branches of multinational corporations.

Or because some of us have gray hair, some are enthusiastic geeks, and others are creative and pragmatic women.
But we all share a lot of experience and passion for IT. 

And if technology has changed since we started our journeys, becoming increasingly pervasive, complex, and sometimes “foreign,” we know how strategic it is today and how important it is to maintain control over it. 

That’s why, when we founded Techlane in 2017, we did it with a clear mission in mind:

take care of the technological well-being of SMEs and branches of multinational corporations, through access to the tools and “doctors” needed to support them in their daily lives and development.


We position ourselves as an IT Partner: a bridge, a translator.
A trusted and long-term ally who has your back, knows you well and cares about your same goal: your success.

Our values

The cornerstones that guide us in our work and relationships with customers


The beating heart of our approach, which translates into all the relationships we build with our customers.

From how we manage priorities and projects that are strategic for you, up to reporting  “gray areas” that deserve your attention.


We believe that prevention is far better than cure: it is less expensive and there is more room for planning and rationality.

We prefer to think rather than run, and you?


Technology is constantly evolving and we feel the impact too. 

We invest a large part of our time in research, skills updating and certification

Furthermore, we are convinced that it is essential to transfer the value of our knowledge to our customers.


Sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of technical jargon, but we guarantee that we will do our best to speak your language and convey what really interests you: the advantages and risks that will derive from technical choices.


“Simplicity is never a starting point, it is always an arrival one. The result of a lot of work and a lot of discipline”.

We deal with all the complex variables, with know-how and care.

We return them to you in the form of simplicity and linearity.


We promise you will never find yourself interacting with a robot. 

We know your needs and daily struggles. 

We are here: we will handle problems with empathy, giving you a smile and a sigh of relief.


Are you wondering why we chose meerkats as our mascot?

  • They believe in the value of teamwork 
  • They divide tasks and roles to achieve a common goal
  • They have sentinels to identify dangers
  • They know how to defend themselves from external attacks
  • They are dynamic and adapt to all situations

Our TechDocs think and act the same way, towards the team and our customers.

Our team of TechDocs

Sergio Piatti

CEO & Co-Founder

With 35 years of experience in IT, Sergio has seen many stories and technological revolutions. He leads Techlane with pragmatism and intellectual solidity, dealing with procurement, finance, and sales. The thing he says most often: "Obvious things need no proof."

Davide Mosseri

CTO & Co-Founder

Davide studied medicine and then married an akin subject: computer science. With 25 years of experience as an IT Consultant, in 2017, he had the vision to found Techlane with Sergio. Among the many aspects he manages, the most important is the selection of the tech stack that Techlane offers its customers, His motto? "Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something."

Giuseppe Castelli

Service Manager

Giuseppe has an extensive resume as a Desktop and Field Engineer. He is a natural problem-solver, with the gift of empathy and the necessary humor to defuse difficult moments. He daily supports Techlane's customers and is a true alchemist of the technologies that Davide brings to the company. He is spot on when he says: "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open."

Linda Mapelli

Marketing & Development

A head full of curls and even more ideas. Linda has 15+ years of experience in marketing, managed services and new business. She takes care of Techlane’s development and deeply believes in knowledge sharing: "Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied."

Facts & Figures


Years of experience

Physical and digital assets managed daily

Alerts monitored and managed every month

Users we support every day

Major projects managed yearly

What our customers say

Enrico G.

Managing Director

Careful listening to our needs and accurate implementation

Maurizio D.


TechLane shaped our IT infrastructure to make it sound and reliable

Abele B.


TechLane has helped our company grow, implementing our communication systems and managing our daily IT needs

Gianni C.


Great speed and 360 degrees design

Ilaria R.

EU Project Office Director

A reliable one-stop partner. They always propose more than one option and constantly offer advisory for improvement

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