Infrastructure IT Consulting

Residential care facility

10 April 2023

  • Customer
  • Operator of a network of nursing homes dedicated to the care of elderly and frail people, operating in Milan and the Province.

    The facilities are specialized in the health and well-being of the guests within welcoming environments, managed by highly qualified staff.

  • Needs
  • The customer had embarked on an ambitious project to expand its offering, creating an innovative Nursing Home both in terms of management and technology.

    The project was based on the renovation of a building on the outskirts of Milan of about 6,000 square meters, with a large park and an external green area of equal size, previously used as a hotel.

    For the realization of the project, the client requested our services for:

    • the creation of the technological infrastructure, implementing a secure network and guaranteeing Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building and park areas.
    • the supply of personal computing devices for employees – computers, tablets, and telephones – medical staff, and healthcare workers.
  • Solution
  • From an infrastructural standpoint, we designed and implemented a complete network project – perimeter security, switches, access points – based on the client’s coverage needs.

    Regarding the workstations, we sized, supplied and set-up a complete device fleet – computers, tablets, and an advanced endpoint protection system – ensuring that staff had adequate, efficient, and secure tools to carry out their daily activities.

    Furthermore, we implemented a remote monitoring and management system to monitor the status of the devices, in order to prevent problems and ensure timely maintenance of the workstations.

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