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Conference center and event venue

20 March 2023

  • Customer
  • Historic and prestigious conference center and event venue in the heart of Milan, offering flexible spaces and innovative technologies, essential elements for the success of customer meetings, conferences, exhibitions, training sessions and exclusive events.

  • Needs
  • The new management of the conference center wanted to improve the performance of the Wi-Fi and wired networks in the event areas, where several connection problems had occurred.

    Revamping the network was a key strategic lever to make the location even more competitive in the market, by providing customers with high-performance technological services.

  • Solution
  • After gathering the customer’s needs and conducting the necessary site surveys, Techlane proposed a progressive technological renewal for both the Wi-Fi and wired networks, developing a multi-phase project and roadmap to ensure service continuity and economic sustainability:

    • Phase 1 was dedicated to extending the coverage of the high-density Wi-Fi network – with the supply and setup of an adequate number of access points, high-performance switches and a high-availability controller to allow constant monitoring of the devices and granular remote management.
    • During phase 2, additional managed switches and a high-capacity backbone were provided and installed to complete the technological renewal of the wired network.
  • Results
    • The network renovation has enabled the achievement of high-quality performance, thus providing the client with the sought-after competitive advantage.
    • The use of a progressive approach in the implementation allowed the client to maintain service continuity and therefore not stop revenue, while also allowing us to proceed with care, ensuring full functionality of the devices only after rigorous testing.
    • The intervention on the wired network has also led to a significant improvement in the performance of audio-video streaming services, allowing high-definition and simultaneous video acquisition from all rooms.

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