Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Laboratory services

3 August 2020

  • Customer
  • The customer is a consulting, training and management company for health and safety in scientific laboratories.

  • Needs
  • The customer needed to renovate its device fleet, protect them and implement a data backup solution to guarantee its business continuity.

  • Solution
  • As for the technological renewal of company laptops, we have proposed an operational rental solution to always ensure cutting-edge devices to the customer, through a smooth financial service.

    To protect devices from the most sophisticated cyber threats – such as ransomware, phishing and data breaches – we have implemented an Endpoint Protection Platform to constantly monitor devices and manage security in a uniform and advanced way.

    Finally, to back up local data and those in Google Workspace, we have implemented a cloud and cloud-to-cloud backup service including data encryption at rest and in transmission, performance monitoring, reporting and cloud storage space.

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