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Insurance services

25 January 2018

  • Customer
  • The customer is a consulting and insurance services company, operating in the loss adjustment sector.

    With offices in Milan and Northern Italy regions, the customer partners with the major national and international insurance firms, while managing more than 17.000 accidents yearly, thanks to its 50-expert team.

  • Esigenze
  • The customer needed to record phone calls in compliance with employees and users privacy, in order to train call center operators and increase customer satisfaction.

    To that end, the customer entrusted a system integrator that linked the telephony system with Salesforce CRM and purchased cloud-hosted VoIP phones.

    The solution proved to be unfulfilling:

    • it didn’t record conversations, but just call logs;
    • imposed a monthly fee of 4.000,00 euros;
    • led to confusion among operators who dealt with two phone systems.

    The customer therefore required us to find a solution for repurposing phones, build call distribution and recording logic.

  • Solution
  • First of all, we repurposed a server into a VoIP switchboard.

    Once we discarded the semi-digital phone devices, we reset the VoIP ones and assigned them to the new switchboard.

    The second step has been addressing the need to implement a system logic for distributing and recording calls, in a user-friendly way.
    To that end, we built an open source document management system which filed inbound and outbound calls in a structured manner, while converting them into a readable format.

    Finally, we added a Computer Telephony Integration module which allowed the operator to visualize at a glance the coworkers status, in order to forward calls to those actually available.

    Waiting times have drastically reduced by that, increasing customer satisfaction considerably.

    Moreover, the CTI module fulfilled two other strategic purposes: joint listening and one-on-one training, via whisper mode; reports and statistics production related to waiting times, calls length, and percentage of first-contact resolutions.

  • Results
    • Cost saving

    The system redesign has generated a truly significant cost reduction, eliminating a monthly fee of 4,000 euros, as well as the extra charges billed for assistance and maintenance interventions.

    • Upcycling

    The reuse of the existing server was both a source of further savings.

    • Performance

    The use of VoIP technologies not only met the expressed needs for simplification, but also improved the call center’s performance.

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