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Cliente:Serviced offices and coworking management

  • Customer
  • Founded in 2014 as a serviced offices and coworking management company, the customer is an ever-growing ecosystem made up of working spaces, business opportunities and knowledge sharing. With its 110 employees, the customer currently manages 14 buildings in 6 italian cities, in which 800 companies are housed.

  • Needs
  • After 4 years since the start-up, none of the 14 buildings had shared printers, except for the eldest location in which 7 obsolete and non-secure devices were present.

    This situation greatly contrasted with both the multi-tenant architecture and the growth rate of the company business. The time was ripe for offering customers and employees a modern printing service: shared, secure, eco-friendly.

    Among the requirements, the system had to be self-service, connected to an automated method of cost control and invoicing, and should include maintenance services and monitoring of consumables use.

  • Solution
  • As the solution project manager, TechLane worked together with TT Tecnosistemi, hardware and software provider as well as the representative for consumables supply.

    30 HPE MFP775 printers had been installed and distributed in all buildings and integrated with the printing management software Equitrac.
    The provisioning of consumables had been automated through an alert that sends a request when the ink level reaches the critical threshold.

    Each customer and employee has only one virtual printer installed on his own device – to avoid user confusion and updating problems for the IT department – and the printers work in a pull-printing mode: users send documents to print and these remain in stand-by until the authentication occurs – via personal badge – on the desired printer.

  • Results
    • Cost savings and process optimization

    Optimization of ink use and decrease of consumables storage, with controlled printing costs. Decrease in user misprints (duplicated or forgotten): documents are not released until the user reaches physically the printer and confirms his will to print them.

    • Business Continuity

    The user can use equally any printer: if the first choice doesn’t work, he can pick a different one without going back to the workstation.

    • Cost control

    The system allows to define different budgets for each business unit, based on yearly order history.

    • Privacy

    Spaces and printers sharing do not put in danger neither privacy nor industrial secrecy, as the badge identifies unmistakably the printing author.

    • Green and Sharing Economy

    Printing intelligence affects positively the environment in terms of paper and ink use, as well as toner waste.

    • Health and Security

    The absence of the printer in the office is good for health – since the user is not exposed to harmful sources of heat, noise and dust pollution – and security: workplace safety regulations establish that 4 meters are the minimum distance from a printer.

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