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Consorzio Italbiotec

28 January 2018

  • Company profile
  • Consorzio Italbiotec is a non-profit entity which fosters biotech research since 1998, through the enhancement of national and international partnership between universities, research hubs and companies. Italbiotec’s activities include the design of advanced training courses, coordination of strategic research projects and providing services for companies operating in pharma, biomedical, chemical, agri-food, green and energy industries.  

    We moved from 10 to 55 members, from 10 to 40 international EU funds projects in a few years: for us, investing in technologies means supporting business growth.

    Ilaria Re, EU Project Office Director, Consorzio Italbiotec

  • Needs
  • The consortium used an obsolete NAS to store and share documents, which couldn’t be accessed outside the office perimeters; when travelling, the employees resorted to USB flash drives or other memory devices to carry data. This situation made complicated real time content sharing, especially when employees were abroad. At the same time, it was necessary to protect intellectual property of research projects, keeping out the use of public cloud platforms, in favor of alternative solutions.

    TechLane struck me for its listening capability: they didn’t try to sell an off-the-rack package, but we evaluated together different scenarios before picking the definitive solution.

    Ilaria Re, EU Project Office Director di Consorzio Italbiotec

  • TechLane’s solution
  • In line with Italbiotec approach, we implemented technological solutions that were suitable to its needs and requirements. First of all, we renovated the document management system choosing CTERA NAS, a moderate price product with high-level performance, to quickly store and share folders and files, both locally and remotely. Secondly, we added a cloud storage, always synchronized locally, to constantly backup and business continuity, in case hardware problems occur.
  • Results
    • Simplification
      Thanks to the implemented solutions, content sharing can easily take place at all conditions, without relying on inadequate devices.  
    • Mobility
      Remote collaboration and work mobility are now possible, because of tools that help tear down proximity constraints.
    • Data protection
    Mitigation of intellectual property violation, by choosing private and secure solutions.
    • Cost savings
    Picking alternative solutions, compared to the most popular ones, has led to money saving.