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Industrial engineering

Cliente:Industrial engineering

  • Customer
  • Founded in 2004, headquartered in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Italy) and with a widespread coverage of representatives all over the world, the customer is the leader in the design and construction of industrial chimneys and refractories for heat containment.
    With 50 employees, the company is present in the European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets.

  • Needs
  • The company had a full package for telephony, connectivity and email services with high costs, inadequate efficiency and scarce workflow control.
    Especially the last aspect was key to the customer, considering that every single project brings about 100 technical documents (sheets, diagrams, designs), which need to be easily, constantly and safely accessed, filed and transmitted to those involved, no matter their location.

  • Solution
  • Our intervention affected the headquarter but had also positive impact on both the national and international offices.

    First, we split off the technology solution, focusing on connectivity and email services.
    To enhance connectivity performance, we quintupled it, going from 10 Mb to FTTC (fiber-to-the-cabinet) with 100 Mb down and 20 Mb up, also adding an ADSL for backup.
    As for the email, we migrated from a local email client to Gmail, with significant savings, better efficiency and lower waste of connectivity.

    In both cases, the preexisting vendor has been integrated in the new structure, maintaining the connectivity provisioning but under different conditions, and the email server connected to Gmail.

    Finally, to ease the project-to-operations transition, we organized two training sessions on Google Workspace in a one-month time.
    The first appointment focused on the basic platform functionalities, while the second one has been about the experience, issues and doubts the employees had.

  • Results
    • Cost savings

    Splitting off and optimizing connectivity and email, have cut costs in half.

    • Performance

    Increase of connectivity and data accessibility has improved workflows and file sharing, easing mobility work in particular.

    • Integration

    Enhancement of the legacy system and pre-existing vendor resulted in saving costs and acceleration of systems implementation.