IT Support

We handle your IT needs as a Managed Services Provider, from system and network management to helpdesk

System and Networking Management

To adequately manage systems and networks nowadays, a proactive method is requested, an approach which anticipates problems long before they arise and drives resources where is truly needed. This is what TechLane does as a Managed Services Provider, managing the outsourcing of the IT system: server, storage, networking, security and applications. Our monitoring platforms, connected to NOC (Network Operations Center) services, enable us to constantly detect the status of endpoints, network bandwidth and latency and react accordingly, protecting your business continuity.

IT Technical Support

We take on the responsibility of your information system: from hardware, software and application supply to entire infrastructure update, maintenance and troubleshooting, to support you with process acceleration and goals achievement. Our IT technical support is defined into rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLA) which include intervention, response and resolution time, and takes place in two ways:
  • on-site, for faster reaction and the possibility to intervene on hardware components in time slots that do not impact on business operations.
  • remote, if our experts are not necessary at your office.
The Helpdesk Service is available on various channels (website private area, phone, email, instant messaging) and guarantees the support of TechLane team whenever you need it.