Digital Transformation

Tackle the digital revolution with a system integrator that help you choose the IT system right for you

Agile System Integrator

Legacy systems age very quickly, but it doesn’t mean all software and hardware appliances should be replaced by new ones.  It would entail a too high total cost of ownership.

Our approach enhances the IT components that are still efficient and integrates them with the technologies you really need.


Custom-made private cloud

Opting for private cloud means choosing a direct control on the infrastructure and its security, without giving up on flexibility and scalability. We avail ourselves of partnerships with custom-made private cloud vendors to offer you:

  • Dedicated support
  • Quality provision, with continuity supply guaranteed
  • Secure and accessible environment for your company only
  • Flexibility and scalability: get all you need, any time
  • Costs control
  • Multi-region cloud services

Hyperconvergence right for you

Storage, computing resources, networking and virtualization, all in one application: hyperconvergence simplifies and scales information systems and their management, ensuring business continuity at the highest levels.

Thanks to the employment of different technologies, TechLane responds to the needs of both small businesses and larger companies, implementing efficient hyperconverged systems that enhance pre-existing infrastructures.


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