Unified Communication & Collaboration

Boost productivity and cut costs with the best technologies for business communication, collaboration and mobility

Unified Communication

Communication is the key for productivity and growth of each and every company, be it small or large.

And thanks to the digital revolution, interactions intra-company and inter-company have multiplied, creating new opportunities and new needs, beside traditional ones.

To these needs we respond with an integrated approach, designing unified communication systems that include all the tools you demand, on premise or pay per use: from telephony to videoconferencing, from VoIP to email, from file-sharing to switchboard.


Digital Workplace

Workplaces are more and more digitized and office boundaries extend endlessly: the meeting with local branches takes place through videoconferencing and the document gets modified on the smartphone, while walking. These days, the generation of added value is based on the exchange and access to information anytime, anywhere.

TechLane offers leading edge solutions to satisfy your need of collaboration and mobility, make your company more productive and reduce costs:

  • real-time data availability, acquisition and sharing exploiting the location in Cloud
  • portability anytime, anywhere thanks to constantly connected devices
  • business operations support, fostering the interaction of people concerned with company processes
  • individual productivity boost, saving time on performing tasks and accessing information in a fast and flexible manner
  • full compliance with GDPR: data passing through the cloud are secure and controllable by Data Protection officers via specific dashboards
  • operating costs reduction

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