Cloud, virtualization, hyperconvergence, networking: we take care of the technology bedrock of your business

Cloud Migration

Speed to market is guaranteed by computing capacity and high-reliability systems these days, but on-site servers cannot always guarantee these features.

That is why we guide you towards the most suitable cloud migration for your needs. We are experts in hybrid migrations using both Iaas and Paas models, to virtualize server, storage and software.

Our solutions range is broad, flexible and scalable, stretching from VMware, Hyper-V and Proxmox to the most modern hyperconvergence systems, like Sangfor, Stratoscale and OpenStack.

Thanks to our software-defined architectures you can concentrate on your business only, cutting costs and freeing up resources from the maintenance of obsolete and inefficient legacy infrastructures.



We help you better communicate and optimize your workflows, allowing you to easily share documents and files.

We design and deploy local, geographic and wireless networks, following all implementation phases, from the analysis of pre-existing systems to the provisioning of hardware and software components.

We are experts in SD-WAN technology and advanced VoIP services – which represent a cost-effective alternative to traditional telephone networks and the foundation for a Unified Communication system.



The evolution of working life is reflected in workplace configuration, whose spaces are both physical and digital, enabling employees to work inside and outside the office perimeters.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), to name one, commutes a physical computer into a virtual one, allowing access from anywhere. We also offer printing intelligence, desktop and mobile devices for desk and remote workers. Because if the work has changed, IT tools should accelerate this transformation.


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