Protected always and everywhere, with the most advanced cybersecurity systems

Infrastructure Protection

The ever-growing cloud computing usage goes at the same pace with the demand for infrastructure protection, from both external attacks – malware, phishing, ransomware, spyware, spam – and human mistakes, carried out by the very same employees.

TechLane addresses these needs by taking email security, backup and next generation firewall measures, based on both on-site appliances and software as a service models, adequate for different network extensions and ensuring high performance capacity.

Our goal is to provide you with a complete cybersecurity strategy, which protects your business from external threats as much as internal ones.

Data Protection

TechLane flanks your company in the protection of industrial secrecy and compliance with personal data treatment (General Data Protection Regulation Ue 2016/679).

Even before GDPR came into force, we have handled role, authorization and access management to company networks, as well as pseudonymization and encryption programs.

We have also long experience in backup procedures and timely restoration of data availability: our backup models are connected to advanced data loss prevention systems, aiming for the identification, monitoring and protection of data, to prevent both accidental losses and malicious compromises.

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